Commited to Delivering Quality, On Time, Every Time!

Dedicated Teams

Committed to helping our clients reach their goals, by personalising our services and enriching their experiences 

Global Know-how

With a experienced marketing team and positive outlook towards global developments, we constantly pursue to stay ahead of the global standards 

Global Standard Infrastructure

With fully equipped, on site quality control laboratory with GC’s and HPLC’s we ensure top notch delivery of our products. We have our world class manufacturing facility with over 25 reactors spread over an area of 4000 metres2

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True Partners

We are in constant touch with our partners for their requirements and modifications. Our strong sense of identification with client projects means we are constantly striving for perfection

Focus On Innovation

Our dedicated Research and Development facility helps us always improve and innovate. With a strong chemistry background we take immense pride in our technical capability. 

We believe in making a positive impact for a sustainable better healthcare

Kalki has had a history in selecting and launching new molecules in the market. We conduct thorough market research in order to evaluate the feasibility of the product in the market before its launch.

Kalki has a motto of developing leaders. We intend to hire people and turn them into leaders. We motivate our team to innovate and initiate so that our throughput is maximized.

Our customers, rather our partners are our top priority. We put their need before ours and ensure that their needs are satisfied to the fullest. We take pride in our customer support, and even in manufacturing industry, we make our customers feel special.

While the progress of the company is the driving force, we do not fall back on understanding our environmental responsibilities. We ensure that our systems are up to the mark so that to leave minimal environmental impact. In terms of safety, we adhere to the strictest safety standards so as to make the environment for our workers one of the best to work in.

Our Work Process

Market Analysis

We approach our customers for their requirements. We discuss the feasibility of the project and size so that we can assess the possiblity of commercialising the same.

Reasearch & Development

We work hard in the R & D to ensure that the process we finalise is optimum and gives the best results in terms of costs and environmental impacts.

Scaling Up

We undertake the process of scaling up of our processes so that they are commercially viable. We undertake the scaling up process in pilot plant and then validate the process on plant scale.


We begin our marketing products once the development is completed. We ensure that our products are adhering to the best of the quality standards


Expert Team

Late Shri Prakash Vakharia


Prakash's original ideas of innovation and motivation is still the light that drives the organization. Even though he is no more, his teachings and beliefs guide the next generation into the path of progress. We constantly pursue to bring the vision of Building a sustainable health care ecosystem to life
Dr. Jyot Vakharia

Managing Director

Jyot has been working for more than 15 years in the field of chemistry. With a keen interest in R & D and development of new products, his passion for chemistry has enabled Kalki to establish new molecules at a very fast pace.
Anil Kumar Pandey

Vice President

Mr. A. K. Pandey is the backbone that keeps the engine of Kalki's progress running. He looks into all the aspects of operations so that the customers get their product on time, every time. With a vast experience of over 35 years in various industries and he guides the company to adhering to strict GMP standards and achieving greater goals.
Vaibhav Shah

Director, Quality

Vaibhav has done is MBA from London. He has a keen sense of quality and believes in continuous improvements in quality to ensure that our products never face the problems of rejection. We have a history of spoiling our customers for best quality products, we have been working diligently to provide the best services to the customers
Mehul Shah

GM, Purchase & Logistics

Mehul Shah has been with Kalki since its early days of manufacturing dye intermediates. He carries with him a vast experience in managing the smallest of business to some of large sized business. His art of getting the things done at the right time is commendable and his role is vital in the smooth operations of the company.

Our Accreditations

Our Customers

Driven By Values, Delivering On A Vision.