The worldwide COVID-19 lockdowns are likely to trigger significant, if temporary, changes in the working, as police and supplementary forces are called upon to ensure that residents do not violate stay-at-home ordinances. In particular, police and other law enforcement forces are likely to be deployed all across the red zones to ensure complete safety of the people. While the citizens are being asked to stay indoors the police offices are everyday risking their lives and going out on the ground to care of the nation. We as an organisation salute this spirit and the efforts taken by the local authorities to curb the COVID-19 spread. As an organisation we prepared 1000 Litres of sanitisers for the purpose of free distribution to those who are risking their own lives and are serving the nation. We succesfully distributed over 900 litres of sanistisers for free to the police officers, the government sweepers, the daily wage workers and everyone who has risked their lives for the citizens, for the nation ensuring that we live and make a bright future.